How to use Mobile Player Check-In:

  • To enable Mobile Check-In, two things need to be done in your account first. As a System Administrator, go into the Assessment for which you want to enable Mobile Check-In.

  • Go to SETUP on the left navigation bar. Click on USER PERMISSIONS.

  • Click on INVITE NEW USERS and enter their email address. Then select PLAYER CHECK-IN ACCESS. Remember to hit SAVE. This sends those users an email that will help them set up their login and password for this assessment so that they can check players in via the TeamGenius mobile app on their smartphones or tablets.

  • Go back to SETUP on the left navigation bar. Click on ADVANCED SETTINGS.

  • Check the box next to MOBILE CHECK-IN.

  • Remember to click SAVE when you are done.

Now your Assessment has been set up so you can add players and check players in through the mobile app.

The people doing mobile check in will log in with the main access key for the assessment. Then they will log in with the email and password they have set for the admin side of TeamGenius.

To add Players through Mobile Check-In, in the Mobile App:

  • Log in to the Assessment using your name, email, and Access Key for the Assessment. Remember to use the same email that was used to set up PLAYER CHECK-IN ACCESS. You do not need your password for this step.

  • Select an Evaluation Session. You will now be on the screen that shows your list of players who are checked in to TeamGenius and can be scored.

  • To add a player, select the round, green plus (+) icon at the bottom left of your screen. You may be asked to log in again using the password you chose when you set up your PLAYER CHECK-IN ACCESS.

For Players that have been uploaded to an Assessment but are not fully checked in to TeamGenius, use the SEARCH box at the top of the screen to find the player you wish to check-in. When you find the player, click on the ASSIGNMENT tab. You can now:

  • Type in an initial Player Pool assignment or change a Player Pool assignment.

  • Create a new Evaluation Group, assign a player to an initial Evaluation Group, or change an Evaluation Group assignment.

  • Add or change a Player Number.

  • Change the Player Profile Picture by clicking on the existing picture.

  • Remember to click on SAVE when you are done.

To add a Walk-Up Player in the mobile app, click ADD PLAYER at the bottom of the screen.

Fill in the desired information. To be checked in to TeamGenius for a Tryout Assessment, make sure to enter at least these four bits of information:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Player Pool

  • Player Number

When you have entered the player’s information, click on NEXT at the bottom of the screen.

If you want to take a player photo, click on the camera icon inside the blank headshot icon. Take the photo. Click USE PHOTO at the bottom right of the screen to upload it to TeamGenius for that player.

Remember to click on SAVE when you are done.