The Player Check-In is a vital step that allows all your players to be active in the TeamGenius mobile app. After importing players (or creating them manually) they must be checked in. **Players can be fully checked in when created through a bulk upload.**

Within an assessment, navigate to Players and then select Player Check-in.


Clicking this brings you to the full player list of registered players for the selected assessment. 

To see all players in your TeamGenius player database, click on "All Players."

In order for players to be available for scoring, you need to ensure each player has been assigned a player # and a player pool. Use the search bar at the top left to find the player you are checking in. ** For coach style Assessments players do not need a number to show up to be scored. ***

Notice you may also have the option to filter your list by the player pool if they have been pre-assigned. You can also filter by birth date or sort by any fields.

Click on the box to the left of the player name and enter a player number or pool and number to fully check the player in for tryouts.

Click on "Save" to return to the list of players.

Players in Multiple Pools 

For a player trying out for multiple pools, you will simply assign him or her to another player pool by clicking on the "+" button shown below. 

The player’s dual status will be shown in the player pool category.

To check players in as a part of the upload process, please view this article...