Player Check-In is a vital step that allows your players to appear in the TeamGenius mobile app for evaluations. There are two ways to accomplish this.

1.  Check-in Players when you are uploading them to TeamGenius.


  • Saves you time on the day of the evaluation event


  • Every player you upload will show up on the mobile app even if they didn't come to the evaluation event.

  • Must import players via CSV file, even if your registration exists in SportsEngine.

  • Must pre-assign a player number in your CSV file. You can print the "Registered Player Report" to have available at the event to ensure players receive the correct tryout number.

  • If using Eval Groups, you will want to assign these in your CSV file as well.  

 2.  Check-in Players one at a time as they arrive at your event.


  • Only players who attend the assessment will show up in the mobile app.

  • There is no need to pre-assign player numbers.

Choose your method for player check-in and use the links below.