**Important Note: If you are importing a CSV file or syncing from TeamSnap or SportsEngine and your player data includes the Player Pools, you can skip this step. You can still create a unique Access Key for the Player Pool after players have been uploaded by clicking the Edit button next to the Player Pool and following the steps outlined below. 

Creating a Player Pool


In the Assessment Home section, click on the "Set up Player Pools" button OR...

While in the Setup tab on the left side menu, navigate to Player Pools.  

In a tryout scenario, the Player Pools section is for creating the competitive groups that players will be assessed within. Players within the same Player Pool will be rated against each other. 

For example, it's common to create a pool representing all of the players within the same birth year. You can also separate pools by gender and birth year.

In a feedback evaluation, we commonly see the Player Pools representing the teams to be assessed. 

To create a new Player Pool, click the green “Create Player Pool” button.  

Enter the name and description of the Player Pool. This will be visible to evaluators within the app. 

Important Note: Make sure to also select the Evaluation Sessions the pool will be evaluated in. If you haven't created Evaluation Sessions, this will be your next step. See our article: Evaluation Sessions within the Evaluation Schedule

Generating an Access Key

If you would like to have a unique Access Key for this Player Pool you can click on the Blue button to the right of the Access Key box

Creating a unique Access Key for a Player Pool will give evaluators access to the players in this pool only, compared to having access to score all players participating in the assessment.

If for some reason you change your mind about using unique access keys you can always click on the Red X to remove.

Click on the Clipboard icon to copy the Access Key code to your clipboard. 

Should you need to edit or delete the Player Pool, you'll see those options available from the Player Pool tab.

If you use a process where you want to shuffle or move players between Player pools after tryout phases please see: Player Assignment Shuffling


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