Player Pools

**Please note - you may skip this step if your registration data includes player pools.  TeamGenius can auto-create player pools in your assessment at the time of player upload. You can still create a unique access key after players have been uploaded (see below.)

In the assessment home click on the "Set up Player Pools" button OR...

While in the Setup tab, navigate to Player Pools.  

The Player Pools section is for creating the competitive groups that players will be assessed within. For instance, you may create a pool representing all the boys from a particular birth year, and a separate pool for all the girls in the same birth year.

To create a new Player Pool, click the green “Create Player Pool” button.  

Enter the name and description of the Player Pool.  If you would like to have a unique access key for this Player Pool you can click on the Blue button to the right of the Access Key box

Creating a unique Access Key will give evaluators access to the players in this age group only, compared to having access to score all players participating in the assessment.

If for some reason you change your mind about using unique access keys you can always click on the Red X to remove.

Should you need to edit or delete the Player Pool, you'll see those options available from the Player Pool tab.

If you use a process where you want to shuffle or move players between Player pools please see: Player Assignment Shuffling


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