Creating a unique Access Key for Player Pools will give evaluators access to the athletes in this Player Pool only, rather than having access to all athletes participating in the assessment. You can also create an Access Key for a specific Eval Group within the Player Pool if an evaluator only needs to score specific players within the Player Pool. 

Creating a Player Pool Access Key 

When creating a Player Pool, you can click on the blue button to the right of the Access Key to generate a new key.


Should you change your mind about using unique access keys, click the red X to remove the key and hit Save.

Click on the Clipboard icon to save the code to your Clipboard.

If you have already created your Player Pools, and decided afterwards you'd like to create an Access Key for the pool, navigate to Player Pools under Setup in the left menu.

Click Edit to the right of your Player Pool, then follow the steps above to generate the Access Key. 

Creating an Eval Group Access Key 

Before you are able to generate an Eval Group Access Key, you'll need to create your Eval Groups first. If you haven't done this yet, take a look at the steps in our Creating Eval Groups within Player Pools article

Once your Eval Groups are created, navigate to the Player Pool tab, then click Edit next to the Player Pool name. 

Click the "refresh" icon to generate an Access Key for the Eval Group.

For tips on sharing Access Keys with evaluators, check out the Access Keys Explained article, which shows you how to email Access Keys directly from your Assessment. 

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