Check out our YouTube video above to learn how to Add Players and Check Players into an Assessment.


If reading and pictures are more your style, follow along here.

First, please click on the Players drop down in the left menu, and click on Add Players.


From here, you can choose to add players to this Assessment from a CSV file (spreadsheet), SportsEngine Account, TeamSnap Account, or from a Team you have already created in a different Assessment inside of TeamGenius (commonly used after tryouts for a mid or end of season evaluation).

You can check out how the SportsEngine & TeamSnap integrations work here:

Adding Players from SportEngine

Adding Players from TeamSnap

After you choose players to add, you will end up on the Field Mapping page while looks like this:

This page is simply where you tell the system what each column or field in your player import means.

Check out Adding Players - Field Mappings if you need help with this.

After you have successfully Added Players to your Assessment, they are almost ready for evaluations. You will need to check them in to make them eligible for scoring.

Click on Player Check-In on the left-hand menu.

If you did not assign Players to Player Pools during the Add Players step, they should all appear with a yellow box that says (unassigned) inside of it (see arrow above).

Click this box to assign players to a player pool and assign them a number. Both of these are required for a player to be scored in the Mobile App.

You will also have the option to create and add a player to an Eval Group. Eval Groups are a sub-group inside of a player pool. Use these to make it easier for coaches to find the group of players they are supposed to be evaluating. In the above example, there are 4 players assigned to the Red Team (Eval Group) and the Mite (Player Pool).


Now you are ready to start evaluating players. Check out Setup Guide Step 3 - How to Evaluate Players