Using TeamGenius to assess players pre, mid and postseason will allow for you to pull a Player Development Report. This will pull data from multiple assessments into one report.

 See the video of how to do this here!


Before running a Player Development Report, please understand - you must use standardized criteria in your assessments.  To find out more, please see "Creating Evaluation Criteria."

To run a Player Development Report, open any assessment, click  "Reports," in the left menu, then click on "Development Report."

Next, search for the player you'd like to run a report for by clicking in the search bar and typing in a few characters that will match that player's record.


Select the player from the auto-populated list.

By default, all assessments in your account will be selected (blue check mark).  Deselect any assessment you do not want to pull data from.

Click on "Report Options" if you wish to not include the player's birthday and/or email (both are included by default). 

Next click "Create Report."

The first page of the report will list the assessments data is being pulled from.

Subsequent pages will list the standardized criterion, a scatter plot with player data. This will show the development of players over time as seen below.

This report will also include the assessment names, date of the assessments, player pool the player was evaluated in, and the total number possible.

Click here to learn more about "Advanced options in Reports Viewer."