If you are no longer in need of an assessment and would like to remove it from your active assessment view, you may archive the assessment.  

Note: Archiving does not delete the Assessment. You are always able to view the data within an Archived Assessment. Archiving simply moves the Assessment from your Active list. Archived Assessments can be restored if needed. 

Archiving an Assessment 

From the Assessment dashboard, click on the 3 vertical dots to the right of the Access key for the Assessment you wish to Archive.

Click Archive Assessment


If you wish to archive the players in an assessment, click on the box "Also archive included Players"

Note: Only players who have not been scored within your subscription year will be archived.

Viewing/Restoring an Archived Assessment

If you need to view an archived assessment or wish to restore that assessment, click on "Archived" at the top of the Assessment table in your Assessment dashboard.

To view the Assessment, simply click on the Assessment name. 

If you wish to view the Results of the Assessment, click on Results in the left navigation menu, then click on Player Rankings. 

To restore the Assessment, click on the 3 vertical dots to the right of the Access Key for the Assessment. Click on Restore Assessment. Restoring the Assessment moves it to your Active Assessment list. 

Note: You are only able to Archive Assessments. There is not an option to delete an Assessment. This is intentional to prevent the scenario mistakingly deleting a scored Assessment.