If you are no longer in need of an assessment and would like to remove it from your active assessment view, you may archive the assessment.  To do so click on "Manage Assessments" from your TeamGenius dashboard. 


To the right of the assessment you would like to archive, click on the down arrow with a circle around just to the right of the Assessment Home button to access a drop down menu.



 Then select "Archive Assessment" from that menu.



If you wish to archive the players in an assessment, click on the box next to INCLUDE PLAYERS as shown below. Note that only players who have not been scored within your contract year will be archived.



If you need to view an archived assessment or wish to restore that assessment, click on "Archived" at the top of the table in the manage assessments page.


Click on the down arrow with the circle to the right of the view button to access a drop down menu.


Select "Archive Assessment" from that menu.



Deleting assessments from your TeamGenius account is not an option.