Important Note: Players must be added at the Assessment level. 

The easiest way to get a large number of players created in TeamGenius is through the Player Import feature.

First, navigate to the Assessment you wish to import players into.

Then, click on Players and select the Add Players tab in the left menu.

Here you have 3 options (you might see 4 options if setting up a Coach assessment):

  1. Add Players from a CSV file
  2. Add Players from SportsEngine
  3. Add Players from TeamSnap
  4. Add Players from TeamGenius teams (only available on a Coach assessment)

Below, we'll walk through each option so you can determine which one is the easiest for you. 

Add Players from a CSV file

Click "Add Players from a CSV File"

You will then see the option to Select a CSV file. To upload your file, either click the "Select a CSV file..." button to select it from your PC, or drag and drop the file on to the "Drop file here" field. 

You also have the option to download a sample CSV file by clicking "Download a sample file".

After you select your file you will see a sample of your player data in a grid so you know you selected the correct file. If the file looks good click on Continue

You will now be directed to the Field Mappings screen. 

Map each column from your import file to the corresponding column in TeamGenius by clicking on the down arrow in the column search box. We recommend you map First Name, Last Name, Birthdate, and Email at a minimum. 

Note: You do not have to map every column in your file into TeamGenius. Only map the columns that will assist you with the tryout or evaluation process. 

Pro Tip: By mapping the age group (or team name in Coach assessments) to Player Pool, the system will automatically create the Player Pools for you with each player assigned to the group. This can save you time when it comes to setting up the assessment. 

Important Note: You must have First Name and Last Name assigned in order to successfully upload the file.

Once all columns have been mapped to the assigned column in TeamGenius, click Use These Mappings. 

For more details on importing players via a CSV file, see this article: Importing Players from a CSV File

In each import method, you can ask TeamGenius to generate player numbers at the time of import. Simply click on Generate #s then choose between Auto Number or Random Numbers.

Pro Tip: If you generate player numbers or have the number mapped as a column in your import file, players will automatically be checked in for the assessment as long as you also mapped Player Pool during the mapping process. 

Add Players from SportsEngine

Important Note: You will need Webmaster access over the SportsEngine account in order to use this option.

To import a registration from your SportsEngine site, click the box with the SportsEngine logo.

Doing so opens an authorization redirect, allowing you to sign in to your SportsEngine account. Once you have been logged in and redirected back to TeamGenius, simply click a registration in the list and select "Import This Registration."  

Note: You will see archived registrations mixed in with your active registrations. The system will pull in all possible registration forms from your SportsEngine account for you to import. 

This will bring you to the field mappings page where you can continue the process. See the section above for details on field mapping. 

Reminder: You do not have to map all of the fields from your SportsEngine registration into TeamGenius. You are able to Unmap fields by clicking the "X" next to the column name. 

Add Players from TeamSnap

Important Note: You will need Commissioner access over the TeamSnap account in order to use this option.

To import players from your TeamSnap site, click the box with the TeamSnap logo.

Doing so opens an authorization redirect, allowing you to sign in to your TeamSnap account. You will have the option of importing from the following:

  • Divisions - Select this option is players are already broken out into teams within your TeamSnap account and you wish to import the entire division (ex: U10)

  • Members - Select this option if players have registered but are not assigned to teams yet. You are able to filter by the registration form and import those that have registered already. This option can be performed multiple times as players register without the software duplicating players already imported.

  • My Teams - If you only need to import one team into TeamGenius, this option allows you to select the team to import. 

You will then be directed to the field mappings page where you can continue the process. See the section above on Field Mappings under Adding Players from a CSV file. 

Add Players from TeamGenius teams

If you took advantage of the Team Placement feature during tryouts and would like to assign those teams and players to an in season coach assessment, this option is for you. 

Click on Add Players from TeamGenius teams.

Select the teams you want to add to the assessment. Then click Add Players. 

No field mapping is required with this step since the player data already exists within TeamGenius. Once players are imported via this option, they are available to score on in the app and web platform. 

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