To access Registration, click on your organization logo in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

After clicking Start Onboarding, fill in the required fields required for setting up the registration payment system. If you cannot complete the entire process on one sitting, you can return at any time to fill in the information you missed.

One you get your Stripe account set up, you can now use the registration for your organization by clicking the Create Registration button. From here you will be presented with the following menu:

Once you fill in the fields for the registration, click Save on the bottom of the menu and your registration form is now ready to share. You can change the fields after you complete the form, but keep in mind that changing the fee will only apply to those who register after the change is made, and not those who already registered.

If you want to see a preview of the registration form before it is completed, you can simply click Public Registration URL in the registration form dashboard. If the registration form is not set to Open, it will appear locked.

Once the Registration form is completed and is set to Open, anyone with the corresponding link will be able to register.