Registration in TeamGenius allows you to capture your athlete's data using a registration form. You are able to set up a fee or a no fee registration form depending on your needs. Below we'll discuss how to create a registration form. 

Important Note: If you're interested in using TeamGenius Registration, contact your CSM or Account rep! We'll need to turn on this ability for you so you can set up your Stripe account to collect payments. 

See Step 1: Enabling TeamGenius Registration before proceeding forward. If you are not collecting payments, you'll still need to contact our team so we can set the account to Not Collect Payments before you can proceed with creating a registration form. 

Creating a Registration Form

Hover over the Players button in the top navigation bar, then click on Registrations.

Click the Create Registration button to begin setting up your Registration form. 

Title your form by typing into the Name field. 

You can also set a Player Limit which will cap your registrations at the number you set in the Player Limit Field. 

When you're ready to open the form up to registrants, toggle the Open button from No to Yes. 

Adding Fields to your Form

The only required fields are Player First Name, Player Last Name, and Email. By default, these are included on your registration form. 

To add more player fields, click on Player Fields to select from our template options. 

You can also create your own Custom Fields by clicking Create Custom Fields. This will route you away from the registration page, so make sure you save any changes before proceeding forward. 

Click Create Custom Fields on the new page, then fill in the Name of the field. You also have the option to add Help Text (which displays under an information icon on the registration form) and/or Default Values (which preload the values you set into the text box on the registration form). 

Below is an example of what the field above will look like on the registration form:

Note: You are not able to change the order of the fields on the registration form. 

Once you have your fields selected, you can set the field to either be Required or Not Required. Toggle the button from No to Yes if it needs to be a required field. Registrants cannot complete the registration form until all required fields are completed. 

Adding Welcome Text

Welcome Text will appear at the top of the registration form before the text fields. This is an optional text box that can help add some instructions for how you'd like registrants to complete the form. You can add in links, photos and customize the font and colors by using the menu options above the text box. 

Below is an example of what this looks like on a registration form. 

Adding Confirmation Text

Confirmation Text will appear on the next page after a person submits the registration form. This is a great area to explain your tryout schedule or include a link to your website if you display your tryout dates there. 

Below is an example of what confirmation text looks like on the completed registration page. 

Note: Registrants will receive a confirmation email once they have completed the registration form. It will not show the confirmation text added, but it does confirm they have registered and provide a link if they need to update any information. See the example below. 

Adding Policy Text

If you have a waiver that needs to be signed, the Policy text area is where you will want to add it. You can make it required for registrants to acknowledge the policy text before completing the registration form. Simply toggle the button to Yes to make it required. 

Below is an example of what your registrants will see if you include policy text and make it required to acknowledge. 

Once you have completed your registration form, click the Save button at the bottom of the page. If your registration form is open, registrants can begin to fill it out once you've shared the URL with them. See our article - Sharing your Registration Form for details on how to share it with registrants. 

Editing the Registration Form

To edit your registration form, click Edit Registration from your Registration dashboard. 

Note: You will need to click on the registration form first to see this option. 

If you change the fee of your registration, it will only apply to new registrants. 

Next step: Sharing the Registration Form

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