View Options

There are three view options for entering scores on the web evaluation app. 

  1. Players View - Enter scores across all criterion for one player
  2. Criteria View - Enter scores for all players within one criterion
  3. Scoring Control vs Scoring Grid View - Preference based on how you would like to view/enter scores on the scoring form

Scoring Controls View

The Scoring Controls view resembles the functionality of the mobile app. This view allows you to filter by criteria or player to submit scores and record comments for each criteria.

Players View

In Players View, you will see a list of the players you've selected on the left side of the screen. The criteria for each player will be in the middle of the screen. You are able to input scores for each criteria within one player's scoring form. Once a scores is entered, it is saved automatically. You will see the percentage tracker increase on the left side menu for the player you are scoring. 

A player is fully scored once the percentage tracker is at 100%. 

Note: You do not have a submit or save button. Scores are saved automatically. Look for a green check mark to the right of the criteria box to note when a score has been saved. You can update scores as needed. Updates are saved automatically.

Criteria View

In Criteria View, you are able to score all of the selected players within one criterion at a time. This can come in handy if you are at a station and all players are completing the station before moving onto a new criteria. 

A criteria has been fully scored when you see 100% next to the criteria's name. 

Scoring Grid View

To navigate to the Scoring Grid view, click Scoring Grid in the top right.

The Scoring Grid view allows you to quickly submit scores across players and criteria all in one view. You are not able to enter comments in this view.

You can navigate back to the scoring controls view by clicking Score By Player or Score By Criterion in the top right.

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