If you're starting a new year of evaluations, this article will walk you through our recommended steps to get your account ready for a new season. 

Reviewing Billing Details/Updating Payment Method

From your Admin menu, you are able to view your account details including your subscription renewal date and payment method on file. 

Note: Only system administrators are able to see and update this detail. 

We have a separate article showing you how to view your account details and payment method here: View/Update TeamGenius Billing Details.

Updating User Permissions

It's recommended to take a look at who has access to the software for your organization. If you've had staff turnover or if you need to add new admins to the platform, click on the Settings tab, then click Manage Users. 

If someone has left the organization, click the red trash can icon to remove the user. 

Note: This tab will show you users who have System administrator access in addition to those that have Assessment level access. To review our permission levels, see our article: User Permissions. If someone is a System Administrator, they have access to the entire platform. 

Archiving Active Players

To ensure your active player list is displaying the players that are currently being evaluated, it's recommended to archive your active players before starting a new year of evaluations. You are able to mass archive all of your active players within 30 days of your annual subscription renewal. 

Follow the steps for Bulk Archiving All of Your Players in our article, Archiving Players

Note: Archiving players does not delete the player's profile from your account. The player is moved to archived which means you are still able to view the player's record including any evaluations they've been apart of. If the player is returning for another season, the player's profile will be restored when you import your active players into a new assessment. 

Cloning Assessments

If you plan to use the same assessment for a new season that you've used in the past, it's easy to clone a previous assessment. You are able to modify the assessment as needed once you clone it. Cloning an assessment will clone the scoring form, player pools, evaluation schedule, comment snippets, user permissions and advanced settings. 

Do not check the "include players" box since you will be importing the players to be evaluated into the cloned assessment. 

Follow the steps in our article for Cloning Assessments.

Archiving Assessments

If you'd like to limit your view of assessments you are actively scoring on, you can archive past assessments. This can help to eliminate confusion on which assessments are currently in use. 

Archiving assessments doesn't delete the assessment. It simply moves it to an inactive state. You can still view archived assessments and restore them if needed. The data collected in the assessment will always be available to view and export. 

Follow the steps in our article Archiving Assessments to simplify your active assessment list. 

If you still have questions about how to get your account ready for a new season, reach out to us at help@teamgenius.com.