Do you need to track attendance and ensure only those players who are present show up in the app to be evaluated? If so, Attendance Tracking in TeamGenius will do the trick. 

Note - This is a Pro Tier feature. Talk to your CSM if you are interested in enabling this within your account. 

The video below goes into detail about how to enable and use this feature. If you prefer written instructions, you'll find them below the video. 

What is player Attendance Tracking?

Player attendance tracking allows you to select which players you want to be present for evaluators to score within the app. If a player is not marked as present, evaluators will not be able to add scores for that player. 

This comes in handy if you want to assign all players a Player Pool and Player Number in advance of evaluations, but only want those who show up to tryouts to be available to score in the app. 

Attendance Tracking is a live tool which allows you to mark who is present for that specific day. If you have more than 1 day of tryouts, you'll want to reset the present records to then take attendance the next day. 

How to enable Attendance Tracking

Within your assessment, click on Setup then click on Advanced Settings

If you're on the Pro or Elite tier, you'll see the option to check the box to enable Attendance Tracking for your assessment. Check the box then click Save. 

Important Note: Players will show in the app but will not be available to score unless you mark them as present when using Attendance Tracking.

How to mark players as Present

Navigate to Player Check-In by clicking on the Players tab then click Player Check-In (also named Player Assignments in a Coach style assessment). 

You'll see a column titled Present with a check box for every player you have in the assessment. To mark a player as present, simply check the box. 

You can also mark a player as present from the assignment box. If you are adding a player's number, eval group or modifying their information, you'll see a box to check that they are present in the pop up. 

One final way to mark a player as present is from the mobile app. You'll need to have Mobile Check-In enabled to use this feature and only admins or those with Check-In only access will be able to complete this step. 

From the mobile check-in page, click on a player's assignment then check the box to mark them as present. 

What will evaluators see in the app when Attendance Tracking is enabled?

Evaluators will be able to see all of the players as long as they have a Player Pool assignment and Jersey number in place. However, they will only be able to score on the players that have been marked as Present. 

How to reset player attendance for multiple tryout days

If you have multiple days of tryouts and need to mark attendance for each day, you'll want to reset the attendance for all of your players so you can take attendance the next day. 

From the player Check-In page, click on the Reset All Attendance button to move everyone from being present to not present. 

If you only need to reset attendance for one pool or prefer to do this pool by pool, make sure to filter by the player pool first then use the select all column to edit the one pool's details. You'll see a button appear to Update X Assignments.

Click on the Update X Assignments button then check the box to remove attendance records

What if I need a report showing the days a player attended?

Since the Attendance Tracking feature is a live tool showing you who is present at that moment in time, it does not keep a record of previous sessions a player attended. 

If you need to keep track of how many and which sessions a player attended, you'll want to export the Check-In page after each day. This allows you to keep an attendance record in Excel to reference if needed. 

From the Check-In page, click the Export button to export to Excel or CSV. 

In your CSV file, change the column header from Is Present? to the date you took attendance. 

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