Interested in using TeamGenius Registration? 

This is the first article in a multi step tutorial to walk you through the necessary steps to get up and running with Registration within TeamGenius. 

About TeamGenius Registration

Registration within TeamGenius is designed for you to be able to create an intake form, collect payments, and sync registered players directly to an Assessment within your TeamGenius account. This cuts out the need to import your players from a CSV file. 

Registration forms are customizable, plus you can collect payments and have parents acknowledge a waiver in order to register for your events. 

Payment collection is optional. If you do not charge for your events, you can set up a no fee registration form to gather the player's information and collect acknowledged waivers. 

Getting Started with TeamGenius Registration 

Before you begin to set up your Registration account, you'll need to contact the TeamGenius team. You can either reach out to your CSM (preferred route) or contact the Support team via

We'll ensure your account is enabled to collect paid or free registrations. 

If you plan to collect payments, you'll need to activate your Stripe account. Once you click Get Started in TeamGenius, you'll be directed to Stripe to complete the setup steps. Keep your CSM posted on your progress, as we'll need to help mid-way through the process so you can complete all of the steps. 

If you do not collect payments, we'll set your account to a No Fee Registration setting which means you can create Registration forms with no fees attached. 

Once you've finished enabling your Stripe account (or contacted us regarding the no fee option), you're ready to move onto the next step: Setting up a Registration Form. 

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