Have you set up your Registration Form and are now ready to share it with your athletes?

If you've completed Step 1 and Step 2 in the Registration Setup guide, this article will show you how to share your form. 

Viewing and Sharing the Registration Form

Hover over the Players tab in the top navigation menu, then click on Registrations

If your Registration form is open, you'll see it within the Open tab. Click on the Registration Form name. 

Note: If it's not open, click on the Closed tab then navigate to the Registration form and click Edit. Here, you'll be able to toggle the Open button from No to Yes. This will allow registrants to register on the form. 

Now you are within the Registration Form's Dashboard.

If you want to preview the form, click Public Registration URL. This will open the form in a new window for you to preview. This is exactly what your registrants will see when they click on the form. 

You can copy the URL to your clipboard by clicking the clipboard icon to the right of the button. 

Most users tend to embed this link under a button on their website so registrants can click on it to access the Registration form. You can also share this link out via email. 

Next Step: Viewing Registered Players

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