Before proceeding with this step, be sure to check out the first 3 articles in this tutorial: 

Once players have registered using your Registration Form, you'll be able to see those players on your Registration Form Dashboard. 

Viewing Registered Players on the Registration Form Dashboard

Hover over the Players tab in the top navigation menu. Click on Registration

Click on the Registration Form name. 

Now you are on the Registration Form Dashboard

Here you can:

  • View Registered Player's names
  • View the player's registration details by clicking on the drop down arrow to the right of the player's name
  • View the player's registration conformation by clicking on the 3 vertical dots
  • See the fees you've collected if there is a fee to register for your event
  • See a total Registered Count
  • Edit the Registration Form
  • Add Registrants to an Assessment - we have an article on how to do this
  • Export registered players to a CSV file

If you're ready to start adding players to your TeamGenius Assessment, move on to the next step - Adding Registrants to an Assessment.