Quick start with TeamGenius Guide


To get started click on green "Create Assessment" button from your TeamGenius dashboard.

Select "Tryout, Showcase, Camp" or "Team Evaluation, Feedback" and click continue.

Add a name of your assessment, then choose "Guide me, please!"

Next you'll need to click on "Select a template" and choose a sport from the drop-down menu.

Click on "Save and Continue."

If you are happy with the list you can continue, if you'd like to add another criterion, click on the green"Add Another" button.

If you'd like to remove a criterion from the list, hover over the name and a trash can icon will appear to the right.  Click on that icon to delete criterion.

You will have a few options in the Scoring Type box.  

There are two types of scoring in TeamGenius, Subjective and Quantitative.  

Subjective - Select this option when you want to evaluate each player on a fixed scale, e.g., 0-5, 0-10, etc. When choosing the Subjective option,  set the score max value and the scoring increment, (ranging from .10 - .25 - .50 - 1.00), allowing you to capture the exact level of score detail desired.

Quantitative - Select this option for measurable tests, such as a 40 yard dash, a recorded number of iterations completed, or a measured length/distance test.

Click on "Save and Continue" when you have selected desired options. 

You will have the ability to add more scoring forms after completing the Assessment Builder process.

Next you will be asked to add players.

The next step is to add some players to your assessment (know as player check-in).  You will have the option to enter a few of your own players by filling in the table below.  

Or you can allow TeamGenius to add 3 sample players.  In this option, you will be able to adjust player pools or change player numbers.

Add more players with the green "Add Another" button, or delete players using the trash can icon.  Click "Save and Continue" when ready.


Congratulations!  You have just created an assessment using the TeamGenius Assessment Builder. 

Now you can enter scores for these players on either a mobile device or through a browser window on your computer.  Jot down the access key listed for your assessment which you will need to log in to perform player evaluations. 

To enter scores on a mobile device, visit your app store and search for TeamGenius all one word.  Look for the TeamGenius owl.

If you choose to enter scores through a browser, click on the box that states "Enter scores from your browser with our Web Evaluation tool or visit eval.teamgenius.com

Next step:  Entering Player Scores