Quick start with TeamGenius Guide

Click here to watch our assessment builder training video. Otherwise, you can find written step by step instructions below.


To get started click the TeamGenius owl and select "Create New" in the center of the page. 

You can then search for a template (that can be customized later on) or start from scratch by selecting blank template.

Once you've found the template that you want to use(or selected Blank Template), click Get Started in the lower right corner. You will then be guided through a series of questions consisting of:

  • Name of Assessment (we recommend Year Season Type of Evaluation ie. 2023 Fall Tryout, 2023 In-Season Evaluation)
  • Single or Multi Session Evaluation - if you plan to evaluate each athlete more than once, select multi-session with the amount of times you plan to score each athlete
  • Player Profile Photos - enable this if you'd like to capture player profile photos in the app that will display on the TeamGenius dashboard and on feedback reports
  • Mobile Check in - enable this if you plan to run check in with the mobile device instead of on a computer/web browser

After you have created your assessment, you will want to clarify that you are using the correct type of assessment. There are two types of assessments:

  1. Tryout Assessment - required you to assign a player/penne # to players on the player check in page in order for players to show up in the mobile app
  2. Coach Assessment - does not require player/penne #'s and allows you to assign coaches to an evaluation so you can track their evaluation progress

To clarify you are using the correct type of assessment, click the TeamGenius owl in the top left corner, and look for the word "Coach" or "Tryouts" below your assessment name.

If you need to change your assessment type, click the 3 vertical dots on the far right side of your assessment name, select "Change Assessment Type" and choose your assessment type. 

You can now further customize your assessment, add players and begin evaluating. 

See the links below for next steps:

  1. How to add players 
  2. How to evaluate players 
  3. How to customize a tryout assessment
  4. How to customize an in-season/coach assessment 
  5. How to view rankings and results
  6. How to send messages and reports