Player pools are the master group of players that need to be ranked and rated against each other. This is commonly the age group or team of players that need to be compared.  

If you need to further segment the players within the Player Pool, you can do so by forming Eval Groups. This will allows evaluators to filter by an Eval Group and the scores will roll up to the Player Pool. Players can move between Eval Groups during evaluations and their scores will continue to roll into the master Player Pool. 

Creating Eval Groups

From the Player Pool tab

If you already have your Player Pools created or if you want to create Eval Groups while creating Player Pools, you can do so from the Player Pool tab. 

Click Player Pools from the Setup menu within the Assessment. 

If the Player Pool has already been created, click Edit next to the Player Pool name. 

If you have created the Player Pool yet, click Create Player Pool

You'll see the option to Create New Eval Group on the next page. Click this button, then type out the Eval Group name in the Name field. Remember to click Add to save the Eval Group. 

To add more Eval Groups, click on the green plus button "+"

From a CSV File Import 

If you are importing your player data into TeamGenius, you can add the subgroups to the import file. If you map the subgroup to Eval Group when mapping your fields, the system will create the Eval Groups for you with the players assigned. 

Important Note: You must map the Player Pool (example: the age group) during this process as well so the subgroup is created under the correct Player Pool. 

See our article, CSV Importing, for more details on how to import your player data into TeamGenius. 

Once the import has completed, you will see the players under the Player Check In page with their Player Pool and Eval Group assignments. 

If you need to rearrange players into different groups before the start of evaluations, you are able to import an updated file with the correct Eval Group assignments. The system will update the player's records without creating duplicates. 

From the Player Check-In Page

Note: You need to create Player Pools and have players imported into the Assessment in order to complete the steps below. See Creating Player Pools and Importing Players, if needed. 

In the left side menu, click on Players. 

Click on Player Check-In. 

You will see a list of the players you've imported into the Assessment. If you have more than one Player Pool in the Assessment, click on the Player Pools filter to sort the assignments by pool. 

Select the players you'd like to assign to a specific subgroup of the Player Pool. If selecting more than 1 player, you will see the option to update all of the assignments selected. Click on the navy "Update Assignments" button.

Click on the drop down menu under Eval Group to create your first Eval Group. 

Give your Eval Group a name, then click the Save button. 

The players selected will then be assigned to the Eval Group you have created. You can verify the Eval Group from the Player Check-In dashboard, under the Assignments column. 

If you need to change the eval groups manually, you can either select all of the players to move into a new Eval Group, and update all assignments at once or you can click on 1 player's assignment if you simply need to make an update to 1 player. 

To update 1 player's Eval Group assignment, click on the Green or Yellow Assignment button containing their current Player Pool and Eval Group. Then click on the drop down menu under Eval Group to create a new Eval Group or move them to an existing Eval Group. 

Click Save and Close.

If you need to move players between Eval Groups after tryout sessions, see our article regarding Player Assignment Shuffling

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