What's an Access Key? 

Here we'll explore what an Access Key is, how to generate it and how to use it to access the evaluation side of TeamGenius. 

Prefer videos? Check out the quick video below for a 2 minute overview on using and generating Access Keys. 

What is an Access Key

An Access Key is what an evaluator will use to access the scoring side of TeamGenius. Access keys can give an evaluator access to all of the Player Pools and Sessions to score or you can limit their scoring ability to a specific Player Pool or Session. 

Evaluators will need an Access Key to score within the assessment. They will not be able to see scores from other evaluators nor will they be able to manage the assessment. Access Keys only provide access to the evaluation portion of TeamGenius. 

Levels of Access Keys

You have three different options for Access Key levels:

  • General Access Key
  • Player Pool Access Key
  • Evaluation Session Access Key

General Access Key

Once your assessment is ready for scoring, you will see an Access Key on the Home page of the assessment. This access key will give an evaluator access to score on all of the player pools you have created in the assessment plus they can score across all of the sessions. 

Evaluators will need to choose which session to score within then they will choose which player pool to score on. They can navigate between the player pools and sessions without having to change Access Keys. 

Player Pool Access Key

If an evaluator only needs to score on one player pool, you can generate an Access Key for each player pool. Evaluators will only be able to see and score players for the player pool Access Key you've provided to them. 

Click on Player Pools under Setup, then click Edit next to the Player Pool name. 

Click the blue "refresh" icon to generate an Access Key for the Player Pool. Remember to click Save at the bottom. 

You will see the Player Pool Access Keys you've created on the Player Pool page. 

Evaluation Session Access Key

To control which session an evaluation records scores under, you can generate an Access Key at the Evaluation Session Level. This allows evaluators to score on the Player Pools and Scoring forms you've selected for that specific session only. 

Click on Evaluation Schedule under Setup, then click Edit next to the session name. 

Click the blue "refresh" icon to generate an Access Key. Remember to click Save at the bottom. 

You can view your session Access Keys from the Evaluation Schedule page. 

Sharing Access Keys with evaluators is via your preferred method. You can copy the Access Keys and email them out to evaluators in advance of the evaluation. Some evaluators prefer a text so they can quickly reference the key if needed. It's up to you on how you'd like to share the keys with your staff. 

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