Once players start to register using your Registration Form, you can move them into an Assessment in TeamGenius. 

The system will recognize who's already existing in the Assessment, so you can do this step multiple times without having duplicate players within your Assessment. 

Before moving forward, make sure you've completed the previous 4 steps in this tutorial:

Adding Registrants to an Assessment

From the Registration Form Dashboard, click on Add Registrants to Assessment

Note: You'll need to have an Assessment created first before you can complete this step. If you haven't created an Assessment before, see our article: Creating an Assessment

Click the drop down arrow in the Destination Assessment selection box to find your Assessment. 

Once you have your Assessment selected, click Add Players. This will automatically sync those players to the Assessment of your choice. You'll see a confirmation flag on the Registration Form Dashboard once the players have been added to your Assessment. 

Note: You'll need to assign the players to Player Pools once they are in your Assessment. For details on how to do this, see our article - Adding Players to Player Pools

As noted above, you can do this step multiple times throughout the registration process. The system will simply add new players to the Assessment of your choice. 

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