TeamGenius isn't just for tryouts. You can also use TeamGenius to assign your coaches an evaluation throughout the season in order to send feedback reports to players and/or track their progress internally.

Watch the video below for a step by step walkthrough of how to set up your in-season/coach evaluation assessment:

Step 1: Create your assessment (video here) from an in-season evaluation template.

Be sure you are using a coach assessment rather than a tryout assessment(see photo below).

Step 2: After you've setup your assessment, you will need to add players (article/video here). Be sure players are assigned to player pools.

***If you plan to use access keys to allow coaches to evaluate players, skip steps 3-5. Note that this will limit your ability to track your coaches evaluation progress.

Step 3: Create coaches by clicking Teams (at the top) < Manage Coaches.

Step 4: Navigate to player pools, edit each pool(team) and assign each coach to their team(player pool)

Step 5: Click Evaluation on the left side and select Assign Coaches to send coaches an email inviting them to complete their evaluation. Once you send an invitation, you can click Assignment Status to track what percentage of the evaluation each coach has complete.

Step 6: Remember to choose your primary and secondary colors, as well as uploading your organization logo by selecting Settings < Organization Profile so your reports are custom branded.

Step 7: You can then review your coaches scores and notes on the Results < Rankings page. Learn more about how to navigate this page here.

Step 8: Once evaluations are complete, you can send reports in bulk by navigating to Messages < Send Emails. See this video/article for a deeper dive into how this is done.

Do not forget to check the report box at the top when selecting your group of players, and to add the "Athlete Report Link" to your email under personalization.

Step 9: You can print off reports in bulk by selecting Reports on the left navigation bar, and view Player Development Reports by clicking Players < Player Development Reports at the top. If you'd like to send Player Development Reports in bulk, click here

To setup a tryout assessment, click here.